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Top 10 AI Writing Tools for Content in 2023

Since the release of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, marketers, small businesses, and content creators have been looking for an AI content authoring solution to lighten their workloads. 

However, despite the fact that ChatGPT has been utilized for a variety of outputs, including financial planning, nutritionist counseling, and AI social media posts, it is not the only tool available. 

Numerous AI content generating solutions are available with cutting-edge capabilities that assist with producing blog posts, crafting product descriptions, conducting keyword research, and even assessing current material. If you don’t know where to begin, everything can seem overwhelming. 

Thankfully, we have already done the research, saving you time. Here, we’ll compare the features, benefits, drawbacks, testimonials, and prices of the top 10 Best AI Writing Tools.

Benefits of using ai writing tools 

Large language models (LLMs) are the foundation of writing tools for artificial intelligence (AI). LLMs are taught on massive volumes of data using self-supervised machine learning and natural language processing methods. For instance, OpenAI’s ChatGPT-4 was trained on 300 billion words.

Artificial intelligence models are released after training. By entering “prompts” (much like you do with search engines to locate keywords), anyone can use them, and the AI technologies produce responses and information. Consequently, generative AI. 

You should look for the following characteristics in the AI authoring software: 

  • Tools based on LLMs: When it comes to language models, size matters. Choose ChatGPT or comparable-sized machine learning foundation models for content creation. Otherwise, even specific requests will result in spam and subpar content.
  • A lot of control over text outputs: Any AI writing tool should let you edit the language, tone, and style as well as the content.
  • A simple web application: Your task ought to be made simpler, not harder, by AI content authoring tools. Choose a software that matches the level of comfort of any marketing agency software you now use. It should function as an AI writing helper rather than a writer replacement. 
  • Affordable for your content output: Because generative AI software and technology are developing swiftly, prices are likely to fluctuate as new features are created. To develop ideas or summarize documents, however, you don’t want to invest a lot of money.

Let’s now compare the top AI authoring tools.


Current Top 10 AI Writing Tools for 2023

AI writing tools can improve your writing process and cut down on time-consuming, repetitive chores like summarizing your most recent campaign, creating sales emails, or coming up with ideas for blog posts, regardless of whether you work as a business owner, content writer, or member of a marketing team.

Here is a list of the top 10 AI authoring tools, complete with all the pertinent information. 

1. ClickUp AI Writing Tools

The all-in-one productivity platform ClickUp now offers ClickUp AI, an AI assistant and content creator that will help you complete your work more quickly. The use of this AI writing tool can help you overcome writer’s block, generate ideas, and organize your content creation process.

It is intended to increase productivity by providing research-based prompts for each function and use case. This offers a ton of prompts for marketing teams, content managers, and writers to aid in the creation of everything from case studies and briefs to excellent marketing copy, product descriptions, and blog content.

The best thing about ClickUp is that you can save all of your Docs in one place and utilize its AI features to produce persuasive copy. Alternatively, you can record thoughts using the ClickUp Notepad and store them on the platform.

The only productivity tool designed for teams of any size in any sector, ClickUp can help you construct a marketing calendar or a social media plan. Improve your writing abilities and express your ideas more effectively with ClickUp AI.

ClickUp’s strongest points

  • An artificial intelligence (AI) writing tool made specifically for producing bios, quick writing, transforming concepts into content summaries, case studies, copy for landing pages, product descriptions, and more.
  • An vast template library that may be used to quickly create processes, document projects, and process maps
  • Utilize cutting-edge tools like collaborative Whiteboards and Mind Maps to help your team turn ideas into strategies that can be implemented.
  • By integrating ClickUp with 1,000+ other platforms, such as Slack, Google Drive, and many others, you can speed up, personalize, and simplify your workflows.
  • By using ClickUp Automations, you can focus on what matters by reducing busywork. 

ClickUp restrictions

  • It has a lot of capabilities, so there can be a learning curve. Fortunately, the platform has a thorough Help Center, webinars, templates, guidelines, and assistance to help you get the most out of it.
  • Integrations with Slack aren’t perfect yet.

Pricing with ClickUp 

  • Free Always
  • Unlimited: $7 each month per user
  • Organization: $12 per user per month
  • Business Plus: $19 per month for each user
  • Enterprise: For personalized pricing, contact ClickUp.
  • All premium plans include ClickUp AI, which costs $5 per Workspace member per month.

Reviews by users of ClickUp

  • 4.7/5 (over 6000 reviews) for G2
  • 3000+ reviews on Capterra, 4.7 out of 5

2. Rytr AI Writing Tools

For content creators, writers, SEO specialists, and copywriters, Rytr is an AI writing tool built on OpenAI’s GPT-3 API. 

Why then would you use Rytr (or any other AI authoring platform) over Chat GPT? One benefit of employing the AI-powered writing helper is that there are built-in prompts and templates for over 40 use cases, from crafting blog post briefs to writing Facebook Ad text or social media postings. 

Rytr’s best attributes 

  • Use more than 20 tones and styles while writing in more than 30 languages.
  • When you compose articles and modify the text outputs, look for plagiarism. 
  • Using prompts, produce AI-based images 
  • With a premium subscription, create unique use cases for content creation.

Rytr restrictions

  • Its performance is inferior to that of other AI writing aides, according to reviews and our research.
  • Even on the unlimited account, the AI writing program has word-count restrictions.

Rytr costing 

  • free offer
  • Savings goal: $9 monthly or $90 annually
  • Plan with unlimited data: $29 per month or $290 annually

Reviewers’ opinions of Rytr 

  • G2: 4.7/5 (over 750 ratings)
  • 4.8/5 on Trustpilot (2,100+ ratings)

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3. Simplified AI Writing Tools

Simplified is one of the market leaders in AI writing and content production apps with 1 million users and numerous G2 awards. The AI writer suite can help you create top-notch content for blog articles, product descriptions, and landing pages. Due to its assistance with various forms, like graphic design, social media scheduling, and even video editing, this makes the list of top ai writing tools. 

Simple AI Writer’s best attributes 

  • 50+ templates for various content production types
  • Create short- or long-form content with it in 30+ languages and 10+ tones. 
  • Utilize the AI-powered Rewriter Tool to repurpose your published content.

Simple restrictions

  • Because ChatGPT-4 draws its outputs from their API, its text outputs aren’t much better.
  • Maximum team size restrictions for each price plan (no more than 5)
  • 1GB of storage is available for free, and the most expensive plan offers 500GB of storage.

Simpler price 

  • Free offer
  • $30 monthly for a small team of five users
  • $50 per month for business users
  • Increase: $125 monthly (5 users)
  • Enterprise or Agency: Simplified can provide pricing.

simplified customer testimonials 

  • G2: 4.7/5 (over 850 ratings)
  • 87 reviews on Capterra, 4.7/5

4. Frase AI Writing Tools


Frase is an all-in-one AI content generator and optimization tool since it blends SEO research with AI writing. That’s advantageous for content managers and SEOs who require a complete solution for producing briefs rapidly. You can control the entire content lifecycle with Frase, from research to optimization. 

Frase’s best qualities 

  • Analysis of SERPs and appraisal of competitors make brief outline drafts for blog posts and marketing material. 
  • Sections of content, like project proposals, introductions, and FAQs, are generated via an integrated copywriter tool.

Frase restrictions

  • The Pro Add-On costs $35 per month to produce more than 4,000 words.
  • generates SEO keywords and recommendations based on SERPs with insufficient precision. 
  • There isn’t a true free version like some other AI programs.

Frase costing 

  • $14.99 per user per month for solo
  • Basic: $44.99 for per user monthly
  • Team: $114.99 (for 3 users) and $25 (for each additional team member) each month

terse customer testimonials 

  • (280+ reviews) G2: 4.9/5
  • Capital One: N/A

5. Narrato AI Writing Tools


Although it is not new to content marketing, Narrato is a relative newbie to the AI tool authoring field. This AI solution for content writing and copywriting may be used by content managers and SEO specialists to produce briefs, assign them to writers via the Narrato Marketplace, and manage the content workflow using the platform. 

top qualities of narrators 

  • Tools for project management in content marketing 
  • 24-48-hour turnarounds, affordable pricing, and limitless revisions
  • built-in plagiarism detector used while creating material

Narrative restrictions

  • With regard to content outputs, AI tools don’t always hit the mark. 
  • Limit of 76,000 words per month for the plagiarism detector 

Narrative price

  • Pro: $65 per month (for a maximum of 5 users)
  • Business: $125 monthly (for a maximum of 5 users)
  • Custom: For pricing, contact Narrato

Narrato user opinions 

  • G2: 4.2/5 (5 evaluations)

  • Trustpilot: 8.2 reviews, 3.2/5

6. WordAI Writing Tools

By rephrasing, rewriting, and rearranging lines and paragraphs of text in anything from web copy to product descriptions and sales pitches, WordAI is an AI copywriting tool made to increase your content productivity. With the use of its natural language generating capabilities, it can produce up to 1,000 SEO rewrites from a single piece of material.

WordAI’s top qualities

  • designed to avoid artificial intelligence detection and duplication

  • A platform for creating content quickly rewrites entire articles. 

  • You can choose how closely you adhere to the original material thanks to editorial controls.

WordAI’s restrictions

  • WordAI is frequently referred to in reviews as a tool for rephrasing or spinning information. 

  • For authors and editors, there is less control and editing functionality

  • word AI cost 

  • Monthly: 57 dollars 

  • Monthly cost: $27 (billed annually).

  • Enterprise: For price, contact WordAI

WordAI client testimonials 

  • G2: 17 reviews, 3.9/5

  • (6 reviews) 2.6/5 on Trustpilot

7. Writing Tools

Another relatively newbie to the field of AI article writing is Because it is based on ChatGPT-4 API access, with the correct prompts and inputs, it ought to be able to generate passable blog posts and copywriting drafts. 

This AI writing assistant and content generator guarantees excellent content in a matter of seconds and provides templates for creating emails, social media posts, and more. Choose quickly from a variety of short- and long-form copy tools to receive pertinent copy and style recommendations depending on your choice.

Top features of 

  • Using a template library, writers can create blog outlines and briefs.

  • For enterprise organizations concerned about data compliance, higher security standards are desirable.’s restrictions

  • Recent complaints claim that the service degrades from ChatGPT-4 to GPT-3 over a short period of time, lowering the caliber of responses.

  • According to numerous reports, it’s challenging to cancel memberships and that questions for customer assistance go unanswered.

Cost of 

  • Up to 2,000 words each month are free.

  • Pro: For $49 a month, you get infinite words (but just for one user).

  • Enterprise: For pricing, contact

Review feedback for 

  • (About 160 reviews) G2: 4.8/5

  • 160+ reviews on Trustpilot, 3.9/5

8. QuillBot AI Writing Tools

An AI text generating and paraphrase tool for both short- and long-form writing is called QuillBot. You can use it to sum up or paraphrase a document, an article, or anything else you give it, but it won’t produce new content. 

You may prevent copying by using this straightforward online application. The colored changes in the paraphrased text make it easier for you to trace the written word changes, which can be beneficial for new writers on your team.

QuillBot’s top qualities

  • Seven options that determine the mod’s tone or goal

  • Using an AI-driven thesaurus, you may find and replace words that are overused. 

QuillBot’s restrictions

  • Users may need to spend more time troubleshooting due to technical challenges.

  • even with paid plans, there is a monthly page and word limit.

QuillBot cost 

  • Free

  • Premium: $19.95 for one user each month

  • Team: $7.50 per writer, per month (at least 5 participants).

QuillBot user testimonials 

  • 4.6/5 on Capterra (over 100 reviews)

  • (75 reviews) 2.3/5 on Trustpilot

Producing Unique Images with Jasper Art AI

9. Writerly AI Writing Tools

The marketing, customer service, and e-commerce departments can use Writerly, an AI productivity software suite. Writerly provides both a generative AI Chrome plugin and an AI writing tool. The Chrome extension gives you the ability to gather concepts from articles as you browse and turn them into content briefs for your authors. 

Best qualities as a writer 

  • To save time, Writerly Go has a Gmail integration.

  • The Creator Cloud offers a large number of unique templates for creating content and advertising material.

  • can aid in the AI writer tool’s ability to detect grammar errors

Writing restrictions

  • The free and cheaper options have few words.

  • Compared to other content writing AI authoring solutions, templates require greater customisation. 

Pricing for writers 

  • Free: One author, a maximum of 10,000 words

  • Creator AI Chat: $4 for a single user and unlimited words each month

  • Creator AI Studio costs $14 a month for one user with limitless words and 50+ themes.

  • Team AI Studio: $34 monthly for a maximum of 3 people, limitless words, and more than 50 templates

Clearly written customer reviews 

  • G2: 5.0/5 (5 reviews)

  • 15 reviews on Capterra, 4.7/5

10. Copymatic AI Writing Tools

Copymatic is an AI application that facilitates the development of material in more than 20 different languages and includes AI image generation. It is a flexible and user-friendly tool with templates, a chat feature, a smart editor, and text-to-speech capabilities. 

Copymatic’s strongest points 

  • material creation tools for everything from long-form blog posts to social media material 

  • Use its Chrome extension to access a variety of AI tools throughout the internet. 

  • Contains CopyChat, an AI chatbot for summarizing online information.

copymatic restraints

  • Rewrites are charged extra because there is no revision option, which can add up when compared to other AI content creation platforms.

  • With AI-generated material, it may find it difficult to retain the appropriate tone or style.

Copymatic cost 

  • Pro: Monthly cost of $29 per user

  • Team: $49 per month (for a maximum of 5 users)

  • Enterprise: $99 monthly (for a maximum of 25 users)

Copymatic client testimonials 

  • (1250+ reviews) Trustpilot: 4.8/5

  • 4.7/5 (29 reviews) for G2.

Extra AI tools

  • Alternatives to Spinbot

  • Speedwrite Substitutions

                                                                  —–>>> Our AI Writing Tool <<<—–

The Best AI Writing Tool for Your Needs can be found here.

Tools for writing and creating content with AI are currently developing. Although they are still in the early stages of development, they can already simplify the work of content creators like writers and marketers.

There are numerous options available to people who want to expand on ChatGPT. Templates, web-based interfaces, and outline generation are the most common features. Some have other tools, such the ability to produce photographs. 

Check out the features, ratings, and restrictions before choosing an AI authoring tool. Choose one that will enable you to produce the volume of material you require while keeping the level of quality your company demands. 

Consider ClickUp AI if you’re looking for an AI authoring tool that works with a robust all-in-one project management software suite. You may register for free right now and it won’t cost you anything!

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