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Shopify Plus Pricing – Every Detail You Should Know

Shopify Plus Pricing 

If you’re at a point in your business when you’re either thinking about switching eCommerce platforms or upgrading your current Shopify plan to one that best supports your growing store, you’ve definitely run into the great enigma that is Shopify Plus. Most importantly you Should Know Shopify Plus Pricing, Who requires it, when do I require it.

Continue reading for an overview of Shopify Plus, a detailed analysis of the pricing variations between Shopify and Shopify Plus, information on whether the upgrade would be worthwhile for your store, and additional pricing considerations when you relocate. Let’s get started.

Shopify Plus Pricing

What is Shopify Plus?

The business eCommerce platform for Shopify, called Shopify Plus, was created to accommodate the market’s fastest-growing firms and online retailers. With a 99.98% uptime guarantee, quicker checkout times, and access to useful integrations and features like Shop Pay, Shopify Flow, and Launchpad, Shopify Plus is built from the ground up for high-traffic companies. Transactions are streamlined by Shopify Plus, which also helps your store handle extraordinarily high visitor, inventory, and order volumes. Shopify often advises this strategy for businesses making over $1 million in revenue yearly.

How much does Shopify Plus Pricing?

Shopify as a whole is quite open about its price alternatives, and while Shopify Plus’s setup initially appears a little more difficult than the lower-level plans, it’s actually fairly simple. Let’s examine the configuration.

It’s important to keep in mind that the Shopify Plus plan’s starting price is a flat $2,000 per month for all stores, and the majority of retailers will fall into this price range. The payment amount will change to 0.25% of your monthly revenue after your store’s monthly revenue exceeds $800,000 (and it is subsequently recognized as a considerably higher-volume store). 

The good news is that this price will never be more than $40,000 per month or $480,000 annually.

If you’re wondering why this plan has staggered pricing, the reasoning is straightforward: more visitors (and more orders) are anticipated to require more assistance and server resources. The exact payment amount for your store can be determined by speaking with a Shopify Plus professional, but the following numbers are provided for easy reference:

  • You will be required to pay a fixed fee of $2,000 per month if your store’s monthly sales are less than $800,000.
  • You will pay $2,500 every month if your store makes $1 million each month.
  • You will only be charged the maximum cost of $40,000/m if your store generates $16M+ in monthly sales.

Shopify Plus Pricing

Shopify Plus Pricing

What are the differences between Shopify Plus Vs Shopify?

The 4 pricing tiers that Shopify provides must be examined in order to compare the differences between “standard” Shopify and Shopify Plus. These are as follows:

  • BASIC ($39/month)
  • SHOPIFY ($105/month)
  • ADVANCED ($399/month)
  • PLUS ($2,000+/m)

The three standard Shopify plans (basic, Shopify, and advanced) feature flat pricing tiers with benefits that are easy to grasp, such higher employee accounts on the more expensive plans or cheaper credit card transaction fees on the less expensive plans. This makes choosing a plan really simple. 

In the simplest terms, all three of the regular plans give your store a platform to run, grow, and collect payments from clients. Great customization possibilities, the ability to sell both online and offline, 24/7 service, social media platform integration, and an easy way to examine your store’s metrics are all available. 

Shopify Vs Shopify Plus

The enterprise option for large stores, Shopify Plus, offers everything the lower-end solutions do while enhancing the offering with a robust, more configurable solution that will guarantee your site thrives even during the most intense traffic surges. Along with the Merchant Success Program, Shopify Plus Partner Program, and Shopify POS Pro, it also includes access to more sophisticated tools, support, and statistics. 

Other costs related to Shopify Plus

It’s crucial to understand that your Shopify Plus payment is not at ‘all-inclusive’ cost for your store, regardless of whether your store pays the $2,000/m minimum fee for Shopify Plus or a larger, revenue-based amount. Consideration should be given to three main factors: development, app fees, and credit card transaction fees.

Costs of Construction and Maintenance

The migration issue should be taken into account first. Although the process of moving your store to Shopify Plus is free, it does take roughly 3–4 months, during which time you’ll probably need to pay for both your old store and the new Plus subscription. It Is important to examine this ahead of time and factor it into your budget in case there are expenses associated with leaving your present platform.

Depending on the extent of customization you want and the developer’s experience, the price for shop development varies substantially. Shopify, however, asserts that the majority of merchants will be able to use its tools relatively well without the assistance of a full-time developer, and, of course, provides 24/7 support access to directly resolve any concerns via chat, email, or phone.

Shopify Plus is an extremely cost-effective choice for ongoing maintenance. Shopify will handle any server maintenance, upgrades, or security enhancements because it is a fully hosted platform, saving you the money you would otherwise have to spend on additional development work. 

In short, thanks to Shopify’s 99.98% uptime guarantee, you won’t have to pay for hosting, bug repairs, upgrades, or similar development costs, and you can probably expect to avoid suffering large losses as a result of downtime. 

App Fees

Shopify Apps should be taken into account while calculating your monthly expenses. These are offered on the Shopify App store for ranging from $0 to several hundred per month and allow you to completely customize your store. Even if you don’t spend money on apps, your Shopify store will come with all essential features. However, investing in apps does provide you access to other features and integrations that may enhance the functionality and user experience of your shop.

Credit Card Transaction Fees

The credit card transaction fees are the final significant factor to take into account for your store’s monthly Shopify Plus expenses. 

The (minimal) price of letting your store accept payments in more than 133 different world currencies. Although credit card transaction costs vary by nation, you may anticipate paying Shopify between 1.5% and 3% of each transaction. 

Visa and Mastercard domestic transaction fees in the US are approximately 2.15% + 30, and any overseas payments incur an additional 1% cost. 

If your store uses Shopify Payments, the tiny third-party processing cost of 0.15% charged by Shopify Plus is waived. 

The credit card fees for Shopify Plus (2.15% + $0.30) are reasonable low when compared to Shopify’s three basic plans, which are arranged as follows:

  • BASIC ($39/month) – 2.9% + 30¢ USD per transaction
  • SHOPIFY ($105/month) – 2.6% + 30¢ USD per transaction
  • ADVANCED ($399/month) – 2.4% + 30¢ USD per transaction

In order to save money over the Shopify Basic plan, you can use the Shopify Plus plan. These cost reductions add up rapidly thanks to Shopify Plus’s architecture for enterprise-level stores with huge order volumes.


It should come as no surprise that we love Shopify, and the Plus plan is no exception. 

Shopify Plus is a fantastic tool for high-growth brands and enterprise-level businesses with yearly revenues of over $1 million. Despite being less straightforward than Shopify’s three basic plans, the pricing structure is straightforward once understood and enables predictable monthly budgeting. (Remember: It’s always $2,000 or 0.25 percent of your monthly income!) 

Therefore, if your store is getting close to this yearly sales threshold, it is definitely worthwhile to think about upgrading to Plus in order to benefit from Shopify’s additional enterprise-level functionality, development assistance, and significant discounts on each and every sale made in your store.

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